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Stony Creek Rods are designed and built to be, first and foremost, exceptional fishing tools. As split cane rods built in the classic tradition, they also strive to evoke a pride of ownership and a sense of tradition. Building a handcrafted split cane rod requires a substantial effort on the part of the builder and represents a fairly large investment to the buyer. With proper care, they will provide years of pleasurable use and will be passed from generation to generation, becoming heirlooms in their own right.
Why Bamboo?
For trout fishing in the small streams of the Northeast, bamboo offers several advantages over graphite. Because graphite rods are very light, the weight of the line outside the tip serves to load the rod. For short casts, the graphite rod must be moved rapidly to develop controllable line movement. Bamboo reacts quite differently because it is somewhat heavier than carbon fiber. When the cast is initiated, the weight of the rod creates a small amount of inertia that causes the tip of the rod to "lag" behind, thereby pre-loading the rod. This pre-load or "spring" makes it possible to propel a very small amount of line and a small fly, making a delicate presentation. The action of bamboo provides an additional advantage over graphite by being soft enough to make it easier to fish with very fine tippets with less chance of breaking.
Taper Design
The action of a bamboo rod is controlled by the taper throughout it�s length. The �convex� design concept applied to Stony Creek Rod tapers is based somewhat on the theories proposed by Vince Marinaro and others. This design approach is aimed at creating a rod that can be used by anglers who can appreciate the delicate presentation of bamboo and yet are accustomed to the reserve power of modern day composites.
split bamboo fly rods

Standard two-piece, two tip rods.
Designed for #4 line and available in 5�10", 6�6�, and 7� lengths with uplocking slide reel seats. Rods are provided with a bag and a wooden rod case

Standard three-piece, two tip rods.
Available in 7�6� for #4 line, and 7�9�for #5, and 7� for #5 and 7' for #7 line with uplocking slide or screw lock reel seats. Rods are provided with a bag and a wooden rod case

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